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Christine Hinton is The Running Coach

I coach runners of all abilities, from the beginner to the seasoned racer who wants to set a new personal record.

After several years of unstructured workouts and injuries, Coach Christine provided challenging but structured workouts that kept me from injury. Using those structured workouts for 2 years, I have decreased my 10k time by over 3 minutes, 5k time by 1:24, and PR every other race. Thanks to Coach Christine for her understanding of my work schedule, my long emails, and helping me create a running lifestyle.


Michigan Runner

I like Coach Christine’s intelligent, disciplined approach to training based upon my age, my lifestyle and my goals. I believe she has me on a realistic and achievable path to fulfilling myself as a runner. I tried being self taught and only hurt myself time and again. I was so discouraged when I tried to start again (after being injured) and found out how out of shape I had become. When I first started with Christine I was so slow I truly thought about quitting. She told me to trust her, have patience and follow the schedule; I balked but slowly kept seeing improvement. Last week I ran (faster then I have in a long time). I am confident that with Christine’s help I will soon be the runner I was meant to be prior to my injury.


Texas Runner

Since I started working with Coach Christine, I am running faster, stronger, and more consistently than I have since college! She is always quick to answer my questions and is a great motivator! I am very confident that having her as a coach will help me reach my goals!


California runner



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