• We define and set your goals
  • Make time for running and other obligations
  • Make the most of the time you do devote to training
  • Techniques to increase energy and decrease stress levels
  • Information on preparing for a race and general race skills
  • Provide assistance in proper nutrition for optimal running and racing
  • Provide injury prevention techniques and assistance in recovering from injuries
  • Provide assistance with cross training ( spinning, weights, yoga, swimming, biking, etc…)
  • Unlimited email support, so you have 24/7 contact with me
  • Provide motivational support
  • Create accountability
  • Customize training schedule to accomplish your goals
  • Keeping you abreast of the latest running related information
  • Monthly email newsletters
  • Creating health in all areas of your life
  • Really listen to you!!!!! How often do you really have that?

I take a holistic approach to coaching. The most successful coaching occurs when the coach really knows the runner. Running cannot be isolated from the rest of your life. Runners juggle work, family obligations and other responsibilities along with their actual running. Together we identify your priorities and come up with a plan to optimize the time you devote to running. We then set goals and create a training plan to get you there.

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